Trichology consultation

Trichology is the bridge between dermatology and cosmetology. It's literally the best-kept secret to healthy hair at all times of life. As with most things, prevention is the best approach. By seeing a Trichologist once a year to examine your hair and scalp, you are less likely to develop scalp conditions and, more importantly, you can treat thinning hair before it becomes noticeable. .

A trichology consultation includes:

A 60 minute assessment

Hair and scalp analysis

Analysis of blood tests


Identification of your hair or scalp condition

Before and after pictures

Complete protocol with product recommendations

PRP treatment

PRP stimulates hair growth at the cellular level. Platelets release growth factors and other molecules that trigger the production of collagen and new small vessels by mature cells.

The beauty of this treatment is:

  • 100% natural
  • No recovery time
  • Zero side effects
  • Zero risk of allergic reaction
  • Success rate of 70-90%.

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