Dry or dehydrated hair: recognize them well to better choose your care

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It is essential to know the condition of your hair well in order to choose the appropriate care. Otherwise, even the best of products will not have the desired effect. It can be difficult to distinguish a dry hair from a dehydrated hair, because to the touch, both leave a rough impression. For a long time, I was in despair because no product worked, not even the high-priced ones at salons. Then, I was taught that my hair was not dry… but dehydrated. As they say, it was a game changer for me (and for my hair). Here is how to distinguish dry hair from dehydrated hair.

The dry hair

You can recognize dry hair by the lack of movement, split ends and the fact that it tangles easily.
While healthy hair can be tugged gently without breaking it due to its elasticity, dry hair tends to break easily.
Curly or frizzy hair is generally dry, since the sebum that is produced at the root has difficulty in sliding along the hair. If dry hair is rather linked to an insufficient production of sebum, this will also result in a dry, tight scalp.

As the lack of sebum is to blame for the condition, the best way to treat dry hair is to nourish it with an oil .

dehydrated hair

Unlike dry hair, dehydrated hair needs water. On the other hand, it is not by soaking them that you will be able to hydrate them: dehydrated hair is porous, and their open scales fail to seal in hydration.

How to recognize porous hair? Dehydrated hair takes a long time to dry and absorb water. Furthermore, the appearance is rather dull (lack of shine), and the hair tends to swell and be unmanageable when the weather is humid. #badhairday

Nice little trick to check if your hair is porous: remove a wick from your hairbrush, and put it in a glass of water filled. If it floats for a few minutes, the scales of your hair are smooth. On the other hand, if it runs quickly, your hair is porous: it's time to treat it with a moisturizing mask .

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